There's a T-Rex in my Tummy
A story to help children to understand feelings of worry or anxiety
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Hi! My name is Kellie
I am a Kiwi mum of two, human rights lawyer and the author of There's a T-Rex in my Tummy
I wrote There's a T-Rex in my Tummy for my son, Xavier, during one the Covid-19 lockdowns. Xavier is a bit of a worrier at the best of times, but in and around lockdowns his anxiety was really at its peak. During these times he often got sore tummies that were caused by his anxiety. I wanted to find a way to help him understand the big feelings he was having and provide him with some strategies to cope with those feelings, so decided to create this story just for him. After I read the story to Xavier he asked if we could turn it into a real book that we could share with others, so that's what we did! Now we're sharing our little story with the world in the hope we can help other little people with their worried feelings too.

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