Hi! My name is Kellie
I am a Kiwi mum of two and the author of There's a T-Rex in my Tummy
There's a T-Rex in my Tummy is a book that I wrote for my son Xavier during one of the Covid-19 lockdowns in 2021. The story came about because Xavier struggles with anxiety. During the Covid period, Xavier's anxiety was at its peak and we were struggling to understand how to help him with the big feelings he was having.
One night during the lockdown I was laying in bed wide awake (doing a bit of worrying of my own) trying to figure out how to help Xavier with his worries. That's when I had the idea of writing him a story. I'd been trying to find story books about anxiety that he could relate to as a (then) six year old boy. When Xavier feels anxious he often gets a sore feeling in his tummy, and while I was laying there the start of the rhyme came to me - "Sometimes when I lay in bed I get a little worried..." I jumped out of bed and wrote down the start of the story and it developed from there.
Once I had the full first draft of the story written out, I shared the story with Xavier. He immediately asked if we could turn his story into a real book that we could share with others, so that's what we did. Now we're working on sharing our story around the world to help other little people to understand their worried feelings too.
What People Say
Thank you for writing such a lovely book. It has useful, practical and very easy ideas for how kids (of all ages) can deal with anxiety and stress. Ka pai to mahi! It's in my Helpful Books playlist, too. xox
Suzy Cato - Children's entertainer

As someone who often feels anxious and wonders how people feel after I leave a room, I found this story to be a wonderful representation of the sensations and thought processes behind those emotions. Paired with fun, hand-drawn-like illustrations, this story is a good way to approach the topic of anxiety and teach young children how to deal with those big feelings. There was just the right amount of words on each page and the rhyming didn’t feel forced or odd; I found myself really getting into the story while I was reading it. Having different and diverse main characters on every page was a great choice because almost any child can pick up this story and see themselves reflected back. I find that a lot of children’s books at the moment are very heavy-handed on the ‘message’ they are trying to get across but this one hits the mark—it falls into the category of obvious but not overwhelming—and I really enjoyed it.
Hope Lenzen - The Sapling

This is a great book aimed at 5-9 year old - its written well where it doesn't feel like its over delivering the message - its subtle but gets the message across, which is ideal for switched on kids (and the parents!). Bought it for a friend whose child loves dinosaurs and was having a tough time at a new school. Highly recommend for all young kids - because they all go through this at some stage.
Amanda - Amazon Reviewer

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