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One of my absolute favourite parts of publishing There’s a T-Rex in my tummy has been the opportunity to take the book into schools. In 2023, I have taken There’s a T-Rex in my tummy to two local schools and one preschool (I’ve also met with a classroom online via video call). I’d love to come and visit you and your tamariki soon too!

I’m happy to come and read my story to your tamariki and talk to them about how our story came about, the message behind the story, and the process of bringing the book to life. I love answering questions from the children, and have had some of the most amazing questions from the children I’ve spoken to so far. Here are a few of the great ones…

Why did you write your book?
I originally wrote this book to help my son to understand the feeling of worry he gets in his tummy sometimes.
Why did you use a dinosaur?
The dinosaur represents that sore feeling some of us get in our tummies. Sometimes he jumps up and down in there when we’re feeling really worried!
How did you write the book?
The idea came to me one night when I was laying n bed worrying about my little worrier. I got up and wrote the story down. After I read it to my son he asked if we could turn it into a “real book” so I talked to an illustrator friend who helped me with the pictures and then the process of turning our story into a real book.


My calendar for the first half of 2024 is now open for school visits, and at present there is no speaker fee for me to visit schools within the Auckland Region. I do ask that you share There’s a T-Rex in my tummy for sale with your local school community to help me recoup the costs of my visit. 

I’m more than happy to sign pre-purchased books for your tamariki, and I can also make you your own little commemorative labels for the books like the ones I did below for a preschool earlier this year with your school name and the date of my visit. 

Please contact me using my contact page for more information and to discuss availability. 

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