Suzy Cato read our book!

by | Aug 20, 2023 | Book feedback

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting down after the kids went to bed and noticed I had an email from Suzy Cato!

A few weeks earlier I had sent a copy of There’a a T-Rex in my Tummy to Suzy to read. However, seeing what a busy lady she is on her socials I wasn’t sure if she would have the time to read our story. Not only did Suzy Cato read our book, she made an amazing video of her reading it on her YouTube channel! Plus when I shared the video she left a lovely comment too! Thank you Suzy!!

If you’re from New Zealand, and you watched kids’ TV during the 90s like I did, then you’ll know that Suzy is a pretty big deal when it comes to children’s education and entertainment. It felt like such a big win to have Suzy read our book, and then to receive such lovely feedback from Suzy just topped it off. I’m incredibly grateful that she took the time out to make a video about our book too!

If you’d like to check out Suzy Cato’s video you can see it here…

And here are the lovely words that Suzy shared as a comment on our Facebook page:

“Thank you for writing such a lovely book. It has useful, practical and very easy ideas for how kids (of all ages) can deal with anxiety and stress. Ka pai to mahi! It’s in my Helpful Books playlist, too. xox”

Suzy shares lots of great videos about different stories on her channel. It is well worth taking the time to scroll through the list to watch some of her other book corner videos! You can check our all of Suzy’s book corner reads here!

If you would like to read along with Suzy, make sure you head along to our shop! Or you can order a copy from Amazon!

I still can’t quite believe that Suzy Cato read our book! Eek!!


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